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There are only a handful of cards in Magic: The Gathering that have the power to stop all cards from certain expansion.

Magic: The Gathering's earliest days had some pretty crazy cards. Take Raging River for example...

Our thoughts on the first look at Magic’s return to Kamigawa.

Magic Untapped chats with Oathbreaker co-founder Jason Egginton about what's in store for the format in 2022.

Catalonian Magic: The Gathering artist Marta Nael talks about her life, her influences, and MTG with Magic Untapped.

In 2018, a fan favorite relic of the past came back into prominence.

A new way to play Magic: The Gathering is coming to MTG Arena next week.

In 1994, the first Magic: The Gathering World Championship took place in Wisconsin.  It was very different than today's high-profile MTG events.

French Magic: The Gathering artist Marie Magny talks MTG, Lord of the Rings, and more in this Q&A with Magic Untapped.

Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater joins Magic Untapped to talk about why Ravnica's guilds get split up between the plane's various sets.

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