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Pack Crackin': Dark Ascension

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Pack Crackin': Dark Ascension WOTC / MAGIC UNTAPPED

Last month, Magic: The Gathering returned to its popular plane of Innistrad for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.  In February of 2012, however, the game visited the plane for just its second time ever with the set Dark Ascension.

The set was often overlooked compared to its predecessor, Innistrad, but thanks to cards that have come out since that time, it has steadily gained both favor and value.

Topping the list of "money" cards that are to be found in the set is Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, followed by Huntmaster of the FellsGeralf's Messenger, Gravecrawler, and the popular Legacy legendary creature Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

Looking outside of the rares, one card (Immerwolf) is also worth a mention as it's the only common or uncommon worth anything of noting.

Magic Untapped picked up these Dark Ascension booster packs from The Wizard's Cupboard in Seminole, Florida, for $7.75 apiece (just over $25 for the trio).

Watch the video below to see how fortunate (or unfortunate) our pulls were.

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