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Who is... Jodah, Archmage Eternal? (Pt. 3)

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Who is... Jodah, Archmage Eternal? (Pt. 3) WOTC/MAGIC UNTAPPED

Welcome to this first season in Magic Untapped's "Who Is..." series.

This first time around, we are featuring the story of one of Dominaria's oldest-living mortal characters: Jodah, Archmage Eternal.  In this third episode, Dominaria's ice age is thawing and we catch up with the seemingly ageless Jodah as he old friends become old foes and he changes the life of one of his closest companions forever.

Enjoy the show.

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An older and wiser Jaya visits her friend, Jodah, at his school on the island of Lat-Nam and shows him a shriveled and severed hand. It’s the hand of the former necromancer, Lim-Dûl, though the ring finger is missing as is (of course) the ring that contains the essence of Mairsil, The Pretender. Fearing that whomever possesses the ring could attempt yet again to take over the world, the reunited duo set out to locate it.

Seeking to gain the support of old friends, Jodah yet again forges an alliance between Balduvia and Kjeldor, though this time against the forces of the former Kjedlor commander, Varchild, and her renegade anti-barbarian supporters. In the end, this final alliance between the two societies would culminate in the marriage of the son of Lovisa Coldeyes and the daughter of King Darien of Kjeldor. This union would mark the beginning of the civilization of New Argive.

Eventually, Jodah and Jaya venture to Soldev. During a meeting with the Soldevi Adnates, the duo discover that the artificers had excavated ancient Phyrexian War Beasts. A moment later, Jaya fatally stabs Jodah and reveals to him that she has been the new vessel of Mairsil this whole time. The Adnates then collect Jodah’s blood (he's the closest living relative to Urza) and uses it to activate the War Beasts. They level Soldev, then teleport to Jodah’s School of the Unseen and destroy it as well.

While the Soldevi Adnates go on the attack, a dying Jodah uses his centuries-old enchanted mirror. Using the mirror to amplify his weakened magic, the archmage is not only able to heal his wounds, but he discovered that the planeswalker Freyalise had tampered with it when she borrowed it from him to end Dominaria’s ice age as she had layered a special enchantment upon it that would activate the planeswalker spark of whomever used it, believing that Jodah might possibly possess such power. As it turns out, Jodah’s destiny is not to become a planeswalker and he escapes Freyalise’s spell.

Now healed, Jodah confronts an immensely powerful Mairsil-controlled Jaya. He recalls that when he met Freyalise 20 years earlier that there had been another with him: the task mage Jaya Ballard. An intense duel ensues between the two mages. It ends when Jodah smashes his mirror over Jaya’s head. The breakage of the mirror causes Freyalise’s spell to release, burning away the essence of Mairsil and triggering Jaya’s latent spark.

Now with the powers of a planeswalker, Jaya assists Jodah in defeating the Phyrexian machinations that destroyed Soldev and the School of the Unseen. Like Lord Ith before him centuries before, Jodah decided that the school’s isolation might not have been the best decision and decided not to rebuild.

Jaya departs, intent in exploring the various planes of the multiverse. The surviving mages from Jodah’s now-destroyed school scatter across Dominaria, and Jodah, wanting to simply fade into the background, spread rumors and lies about himself as he seeks nothing but peace and quiet from here on out.