Wednesday, 15 December 2021 19:05

Urza's Brewery: Ultra-Budget Modern Eight Whack

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Urza's Brewery: Ultra-Budget Modern Eight Whack WOTC

As far as competitive and semi-competitive Magic: The Gathering decks go, the ultra-quick Eight Whack variants tend to be on the more affordable side to begin with.  That said, not everybody has or can afford playsets of cards like Goblin Guide, Legion Loyalist, and the like -- cards that are considered must-includes in pretty much every variation of the deck.

To that end, Magic Untapped has put together an extremely low-cost version of the deck -- one that costs less than five tickets on Magic: The Gathering Online (4.45 tix, to be exact).

Watch the video below to see the decklist and watch the deck in action:

If you're interested in building this deck on paper, you can purchase the entire decklist on TCGPlayer for right around $40-50.  By doing so, you'll help support Magic Untapped.