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We're only a month away from the release of Magic: The Gathering's first-ever Dungeons & Dragons crossover set.  Here's what we know so far.

For much of the Magic: The Gathering's history, players had no idea what one of the game's biggest villains actually looked like.

Magic Untapped finds the best Magic: The Gathering deals for Prime Day 2021.

Sometimes cards are kept around because of unexpected usefulness or needing to introduce a new dynamic. And sometimes it is just about punching a bear.

The powerful card from the Mystical Archive is too powerful even for Historic.

In 2002, a pro player ate his hat after another player scored a major victory.

Modern Horizons 2 developer Michael Majors talks with Magic Untapped about the upcoming, highly anticipated Magic: The Gathering set.

A few decades ago, a decision by small miniature company led to one of the top Wizards of the Coast executives.

Back in 2011, a small artwork change had a pretty big effect on a specific card from Innistrad.

Thassa's Oracle has been banned in Historic on MTGA.

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