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Sweeping changes are coming to multiple Magic: The Gathering formats as Wizards of the Coast adds a number of cards to the game’s banned and restricted lists.

And another card banned; And another card banned; And another one bites the dust.

One mechanic in Magic history was so broken that Wizards of the Coast named an entire scale of game mechanics after it.

Magic: The Gathering takes its place in fun and games history as the collectible card game gets inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Wizards of the Coast bans three additional cards in the new Pioneer format.

Wizards of the Coast Senior Magic: The Gathering Designer Gavin Verhey is betting big on Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format in 2020.

You can help the Seattle Children's Hospital thanks to your love of Magic: The Gathering, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or both!

Wizards of the Coast is introducing a new official format to Magic: The Gathering.

Wizards of the Coast bans Field of the Dead in one format and Arcum's Astrolabe in another.

Get ready for a ridiculous time with the fourth un-set in the un-series.

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