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Post the Enchanter: MTG's Latest One-and-Done Card

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Post the Enchanter: MTG's Latest One-and-Done Card WOTC/CHASE STONE

Throughout the years, Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast has created one-time-only, special cards every once in a while.

Cards like Shichifukujin Dragon and 1996 World Champion are two that come to mind.

These are cards that, whenever priced, come out super expensive and, again, have a print run of only one.

But, there was another made much more recently that had the same: Post the Enchanter.

Let's back up a bit to 2006.

That year, Coldsnap came out and brought forth to the game of Magic the official third set of the decade-plus-old Ice Age block.

One of the cards introduced was Zur the Enchanter, which packed quite the punch. For 4 mana (1WUB) the card lets its controller search their library for an enchantment card with mana value 3 or less and put it onto the battlefield whenever the 1/4 legendary creature attacks.  You can imagine the combo and synergy possibilities.

Since its original printing, Zur popped up here and there in reprint form. 2021 was no different, expect that it was.

The "b-side" of this story concerns Post Malone, a popular rapper who just happens to play and collect Magic: The Gathering.

If there is any celebrity known for playing Magic in recent years, it is him.

He has offered $100k prizes in Magic tournaments, bought a Black Lotus for $800,000, has teamed up with Magic itself, and really exposed new generations to the game due, in part, for his love of it. Because of that, Wizards of the Coast wanted to thank him for it all.

How, you may ask? Well, why not give him a special, unique card?

This is where Zur comes back into the picture.

Rather than create a new card entirely like with the Shichifukujin Dragon or 1996 World Champion, WotC decided to repurpose Zur in and create a one-time-only card especially for Malone.  Called Post the Enchanter, it's a pure reprint of Zur, but given the Universes Beyond treatment complete with new artwork courtesy of Chase Stone of Posty himself in full Zur form. They even had it graded.

And guess what? He liked it.

That is, he really liked it.

And, as a one-and-done, unique card, players shouldn't expect to be cracking any copies in any packs at any point in the future.  In fact, the went right back to being plain ol' Zur in Double Masters 2022, so don't expect any post... err... Posts.