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Multiple new MTG products announced for 2022

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A carnival of new releases are coming to MTG between now and 2023. A carnival of new releases are coming to MTG between now and 2023. WOTC

Beyond the four premier sets announced by Wizards of the Coast, the company is also bringing a number of other new products to the game in late 2021 and on into 2022.


Coming exclusively to local game stores in early 2022, Innistrad Double Feature includes a selection of cards from both of late-2021's Innistrad sets, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow.  Designed with drafting in mind, the set features special art treatment on every card.

WotC says the set will feature looks akin to those of classic monster movies.


Four different challenger decks focused on the Pioneer format are coming to local game stores on Oct. 15 - Azorius Spirits, Orzhov Auras, Mono Red Burn, and Lotus Field Combo.  These are ready-to-play decks and include sideboards right out of the box.  Included are cards like Brazen Borrower, Fae of Wishes, Bonecrusher Giant, and Stoncoil Serpent.

You can find the complete decklists on the Magic: The Gathering website.


With a release date of "soon," Commander Collection Black is coming out as a follow-up to the series' debut release, Commander Collection Green.  In it, players will find the cards Ghoulcaller Gisa, Ophiomancer, Phyrexian Arena, Reanimate, Toxic Deluge, a black-themed Sol Ring, Command Tower, Liliana, Heretical Healer, and a foil, double-sided snake/zombie token.

Commander Collection Black will be available in both a regular and premium edition.  The premium edition will be exclusive to WPN Premier stores.


A fourth un-set is on its way for Magic: The Gathering and, true to un-form, it's something like nothing the game has ever seen.

Dubbed "Unfinity," the science fiction set is based around a plane-traveling carnival and features sci-fi-themed fill-art basic lands as well as shock lands.  It will be sold in both Draft and Collectors boosters when it comes out in Q2 of 2022.


WotC is coming outs with a follow-up Dungeons & Dragons AND Commander Legends release for Magic: The Gathering in the form of Dungeons & Dragons: Battle for Baldur's Gate - Commander Legends.

The draft-focused set will bring with it more D&D characters, tropes, and the like to Magic: The Gathering in 20-card booster packs.  Plus, WotC is bringing back the original foil-etched card style found in the original Commander Legends set.

Dungeons & Dragons: Battle for Baldur's Gate - Commander Legends is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2022.


Double Masters 2022 has been announced for release in the third quarter of 2022.  An all-reprint set with a focus on multicolor draft, each pack will include two foil cards and two rare/mythic cards.


In the fourth quarter of 2022, Magic players can expect to find a new edition of the popular Jumpstart set/format on store shelves.  WotC promises it'll be a new twist on the action and has mentioned that the Eldrazi will be an option this time around.


Going beyond the mythos of Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast is still committed to bringing I.P.s that have no place within the game into the game. 

2022 will get four Commander decks based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 product, complete with gun-wielding Space Marines.

Looking a little further ahead, 2023 will bring a Lord of the Rings set, but unlike the Warhammer commander products, this will be a fully Modern legal set complete with booster packs and inclusion on Magic Online and MTG Arena.

There are now two other Universes Beyond releases announced by WotC: Fortnite and Street Fighter.  Luckily, these will only be available via Secret Lair drops.  While the Fortnite cards will be re-skinned reprints, WotC says the Street Fighter cards will be mechanically unique, which was something Magic players and fans alike universally disliked about 2020's The Walking Dead secret lair drop.


All images in this article are courtesy Wizards of the Coast.