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Ranking the top 15 Timeshifted cards in 'Time Spiral Remastered'

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Ranking the top 15 Timeshifted cards in 'Time Spiral Remastered' WOTC

When a new set comes out, we like to take a look at the cards and highlight what we perceive to be the best new cards that will soon be coming to the game.  With Time Spiral Remastered, however, it’s a bit different seeing as 100% of the cards are reprints from the original Time Spiral block.  One hundred percent, that is, except for the new timeshifted cards.  Well, technically, at any rate.

Inspired by the original timeshifted cards from the Time Spiral set (which reprinted pre-modern cards in their original card frame), this new series of timeshifted cards take selected modern cards and brings them back as if they were printed before the card frames changed post-Scourge.  Sure, some of them aren’t winners (we’re looking at you, Talrand) and the timing on a couple of them is a tad awkward, such is the case with Simian Spirit Guide.

Below, we rank our 15 top Time Spiral Remastered timeshifted cards:

15. Hollow OnePopular in Modern (at least, it was before the 2019 banning of Faithless Looting) and seen on occasion in Legacy, Hollow One is extremely synergistic with self discard.  This new printing might inspire a resurgence in its use.  Plus, the card art looks amazing in the old, brown artifact card frame.  Just look at it.

14. Young PyromancerWhile it feels like the card has been reprinted into the ground over the past few years (it debuted in M14 and has since been reprinted in EMA, DDS, 2XM, MB1, SS3, and JMP), this will be the first time the card will be printed in the old frame.  Seeing as Young Pyromancer is a key part of Legacy decks such as UR Delver, RUG Delver, and, Jeskai Stoneblade, the old frame will be a welcome addition.

13. Wastes Like in Modern, the Eldrazi decks and other colorless-focused decks are popular in Legacy.  The addition of Wastes in the old card frame is an aesthetic plus for players of decks like 12-Post, Titan Post, Eldrazi Aggro, and Post-ramp.  Modern colorless Tron (eg: E-Tron) players might also want to include the card in their builds for a little old school flair.  It’s just too bad the card doesn’t say “…to your mana pool.” at the end of its rules text.  That’d be really old school.

12. Arcades, the StrategistThe 2nd most popular Bant commander and 27th most popular overall according to EDHREC, it’s great to see Arcades, the Strategist being given the old school treatment.  Even more so than many in this set due to the character’s original printing, Arcades Sabboth, taking place all the way back in 1994 with that year’s release of Legends.  Really, it just feels right.

11. Dismember This very splashable removal spell (thanks, Phyrexian mana) sees play in Vintage, Legacy, Modern, EDH… you get the idea.  It’s often a spell that can off a creature (by way of a -5/-5 nerf) with just one colorless mana (and four life).  It’s no wonder it’s so popular in all of its legal formats and even less of a wonder as to why it was included in TSR’s timeshifted cards.  Also, the new art is awesome.  Kudos to Jason Felix on this one.

10. Lava SpikeThree points of direct damage for one mana is kind of red’s forte.  And while Lava Spike is nowhere near as versatile as Lightning Bolt or its slower variant, Chain Lightning, it is a third option that (as of yet) has never had the opportunity to be printed in the old border.  That’s about to change, and Legacy Burn players can be happy to include the old-framed Lava Spike alongside their Revised Bolts and Legends Chain Lightnings.  Now if only Rift Bolt would just get this same treatment someday…

9. Path to ExileA key removal card in Legacy decks such as Death & Taxes, UW Control, Nic Fit, and so on, Path to Exile also sees heavy play in Modern as that format’s only true stand-in for Swords to Plowshares.  It’s great to see Path in the old school white frame.  Our only complaint is WotC isn’t using the original white mana symbol from pre-Fourth Edition Magic.

8. True-Name NemesisThe fourth wall breaking merfolk looks great in the old frame.  And, as a card that debuted in the Commander line, it’s really only playable in the old eternal formats (EDH aside, of course).  So it makes perfect sense that WotC would want to bring the card back in a card frame to match most of the rest commonly found in Legacy Merfolk variants.  The Professor must be pleased.

7. Monastery SwiftspearProbably the second-most important creature in Legacy Burn (Goblin Guide really is that good), Monastery Swiftspear also sees inclusion in Red Deck Wins, UR Prowess, Lurrus Prowess, and an assortment of others across Vintage, Legacy, and Modern.  This card getting the old school treatment is a treat indeed.

6. Primeval TitanWhile most often encountered in the Modern Amulet Titan deck, Primeval Titan also sees play in Vintage and Legacy both in variation of the popular and powerful Modern deck, as well as others such as Titan Post, Maverick, and 12-Post.  The various Legacy players who run the card are going to absolutely LOVE having an old-school framed version to include in their decks to pair along with the likes of Fastbond, Sylvan Library, and Glacial Chasm.

5. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerCome on.  We all knew there was probably going to be a goblin that made this list. Kiki-Jiki is that goblin.  The card sees play across Modern, Legacy, and Vintage and is a great combo catalyst.  Not just prevalent in goblin-based strategies, Kiki-Jiki also sees inclusion in the likes of the Legacy decks Dragon Stompy and Twin Stompy – decks in which an old-framed Kiki-Jiki just feels doubly right.

4. Chalice of the VoidA terrific colorless control piece, Chalice sees play in a very wide variety of decks.  Vintage players include it in Dark Depths, MUD, and Bazaar Aggro (to name a few).  In Legacy, it’s played in Loam, Affinity, Dragon Stompy, Bomberman, and tons more.  Modern often sees it in E-Tron and Prison builds.  Long story short (too late), Chalice of the Void sees a ton of play.  And a lot of that play is in the older eternal formats.  It’s no wonder that the card is getting the old school treatment.  Brown-framed artifacts for the win.

3. Ponder The card is banned in Modern, so let’s just start there.  The only formats it’s legal in, really, are Legacy, Vintage (note: restricted), EDH, and Pauper.  Because of that, it’s almost a natural fit for a timeshifted, old frame printing.  And we’re sure it’ll look exquisite in the Vintage decks (eg: BUG Midrange, Doomsday, 8-Crabs, etc.) and Legacy decks (Stoneblade, Landstill, Painter, etc.) alongside their respective old school Magic cards.

2. Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianIt’s a HUGE flavor win to have the Lord of the Wastes, The Ineffable, the… umm… not-so good doctor presented in an old-school frame.  Sure, we’re all waiting for the Phyrexian version of Yawgmoth to someday see print (Thran Physician is ol’ Yawggy as a human and predates his Phyrexian Dark Lord days), the card not only looks good in the old black frame, it feels right.  Too bad WotC didn’t include also an old frame Urza, Lord High Artificer in these timeshifted cards as well for an even more robust flavor.  Even so, this timeshifted Yawgmoth, Thran Physician (as Miller Brewing Company says) “Tastes great, less filling.”

1. Thoughtseize While the inclusion of an old-frame Yawgmoth card might be the flavor win of the set, the old-frame printing of Thoughseize might be the card most are happiest about.  First of all, the card is a beast on turn one.  So much so that it saw not only enormous play when it was Standard legal (somehow twice), but also still sees an absurd amount of play in Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.  Nic Fit, Grixis Control, Death’s Shadow, Storm, Dark Depths, you name it.  If it’s running black, odds are there’s a Thoughtseize in there somewhere.  And now, thanks to TSR, Vintage and Legacy players can have a Thoughtseize to match the rest of their old school Magic cards.  Now that’s a thought worth seizing!

Time Spiral Remastered releases March 19.